“It is important to have someone that supports you and encourages you, someone that makes you feel that you are unstoppable, that you can do anything in the world because you have him.” — Lea Michele, Marie Claire Mexico 


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Lea Michele/Rachel Berry Mash-up Songs

Download: HERE

1. Express Yourself

2. Crush

3. My Life Would Suck Without You

4. Damn It, Janet

5. Gives you Hell

6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

7. Endless Love

8. Afternoon Delight

9. Don’t Stop

10. My Headband

11. Rolling In the Deep

12. Like A Prayer

13. Firework

14. Hello, Goodbye

15. Smile

16. Jar of Hearts

17. Total Eclipse of the Heart

18. Telephone

19. Need You Now

20. Only Child

21. Anyway You Want It/ Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

22. Papa Can You Hear Me

23. Run Joey Run

24. Loser Like Me

25. Faithfully

26. Somebody To Love

27. Jump

28. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

29. One

30. What I Did for Love

31. I love New York/ New york, New York

32. Hello

33. Don’t Rain On My Parade

34. Start Me up/ Livin’ On A Prayer

35. Maybe This Time

36. Baby One More Time

37. No Air

38. Poker Face

39. Marry You

40. Like A Virgin

41. Don’t Stop Believin’

42. Push It

43. Borderline/Open Your Heart

44. Smile

45. I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty

46. Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here

47. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

48. Empire State of Mind

49. Don’t You Want Me

50. I Dreamed A Dream

51. The Only Exception

52. Take A Bow

53. Sing

54. Get It Right

55. Light Up The World

56. Taking Chances

57. Halo/ Walking On Sunshine

58. There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)

59. On My Own

60. Pretending

61. One of Us

62. To Sir With Love

63. For Good

64. Keep Holding On

65. My Man

66. Toxic

67. Go Your Own Way

68. Take Me or Leave Me

69. Defying Gravity

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