Finnward, Tips, Headboards, Sex, Finchel, Penis, Canada, Body Pillows, Khakis..

Just some words, things, that remind me of her. And all in good ways. I love that she has always been there for me. And I love that we secretly flail about things that many of you will never understand. She is an amazing person and mother to a beautiful little boy might I add. I’m waiting for her to send me one, or five. Or a Canadian Boy. I’ll take either one. She is so sweet and kind, but also snarky and sarcastic.. Its what makes her April.

She is so talented, with so many things. And getting to know April has been like getting to know someone I can count on, someone I know who even though is 23471892734 miles away from me, I have a friend. Someone who wont let me down. I look forward to the day that I can go visit and have Twilight movie Marathon with ;) She is amazing.

I love you. Tethered. Xoxo


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